Wine paintings are showstoppers when displayed in restaurants or wine bars. They can be enjoyed privately, hanged next to your wine cabinet. They make perfect gifts for unique occassions.

Ready to commission a bespoke and personalized artwork? There are all kinds of themes that can be painted with wine. We are here to help you choose a perfect reference photo or ideas to begin with.


Digitized artworks are used as a base for luxurious and elegant design on various products like brochures, labels, calendars, fashion accessories, and much more!

Winerelle designs are personalized and ready for printing. Winemakers, sommeliers, distributors – we are excited to assist you to make a difference in the wine market and stand out in your field.


If you are eager to practice wine art under professional guidance, you may apply for the coming workshops. Think about it as a different concept of „Paint and Sip“, all wine. No prior skill is required.

Workshops are held in different cities, usually as part of the tasting events. If you are hosting a tasting event and you are interested to organize a wine painting workshop, let’s connect!