Wine art and design

Wine Lisa, 2015

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Roman Imperator, 2015

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Winescape, 2015

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"Splendid color variations, a precision in the gesture, a soft sensibility, and real poetry inside the frame."

Mathieu Yirmibir, France

"Absolutely incredible work, in awe with each piece. On top of that, amazing person!"

Jessica Chan, Washington

"The paintings arrived safe and sound. My sister was over the moon with excitement, she was absolutely blown away by them. I cannot wait to find a reason to have something else painted by you."

Julie Ewers, Australia

"I just gave my husband wine art as a gift. Today we are turning 22 years together. He absolutely loved it and said it was the most amazing gift he ever received."

Tiana Homsani, Switzerland

"Both my aunt and uncle loved their portraits in wine and thought it was such a special, meaningful gift, very personal and unique. Thank you for allowing me to give them something they will always remember!"

Ashna Shah, New York
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